Social Event

On the evening of June 4 we go on a guided tour of one of the  Medici villas in the surrounding hillside of Firenze, Villa La Quiete.  It is one of the most significant building around Firenze. The villa owes its name to a fresco by Giovanni da San Giovanni titled La Quiete che domina i venti (“Quiet Calming the Winds”, 1632). The villa also features a fine Italian-style garden.Villa La Quiete


  • 17:00: A bus takes us from NIC (Conference Location), Largo Brambilla 3 to Villa La Quiete
  • 17.30: Guided tour of Villa La Quiete
  • 19:00: Chianti wine tasting
  • 20:00: Social dinner
  • End of the dinner: The bus takes us from Villa la Quiete to Hotel Raffaello and city center (Santa Maria Novella train station).

Be sure to bring your Badge to the “Social Event”, the badge will serve as your ticket for the social dinner (including transportation and guided tour).
Extra tickets for the social event can be bought either at registration time or on site. The cost of one extra ticket is 70 EUR.

How to reach Villa La Quiete by walking from NIC (Conference Location)
Walking directions to Villa la Quiete:

  • Starting point: Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Careggi
    Largo Giovanni Alessandro Brambilla, 3
  • Head west toward Via Giulio Caccini
  • Exit the roundabout onto Via Giulio Caccini
  • Slight left onto Via delle Gore
  • Turn right onto Via delle Panche
  • Slight right onto Via di Quarto
  • Turn left onto Via della Quiete
  • Turn right onto Via delle Montalve
  • Turn left to stay on Via delle Montalve
  • Destination will be on the left
  • Arrival point: Villa la Quiete
    Via di Boldrone, 2

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